In this article we will post the antioxidant group the most common in our diet.

And vitamin C
My father Started using Vitamin C on his daily meal. This vitamin is one of the most studied vitamins and articles written about him in which he was described C’oitmin wonder. However in many cases in which it was carried out research, capacity was tested with and vitamin E. It is excellent to cure diarrhea, or any other digestive issues.
He participates in over 300 biological processes in the body, strengthens the immune system and reduces the incidence of infections, prevents the production Hnitroseamin (carcinogenic – Clock cancer), protects from heart disease and atherosclerosis, to help protect the body during stress, inhibits gallstones, shield cataract, can shorten the flu and reduce the symptoms that if it can be very high doses for the disease.
Considered as an anti-oxidant clear and neutralizes toxic metals, needed to create collagen in the body (a component of skin, tendons, bones and cartilage), involved in the decomposition of cholesterol in the body, essential for making folic acid actively and increases the absorption of iron in the body, is necessary for the production of carnitine (responsible for turning fat into energy) , necessary for breaking down leftover medicines.
Vitamin found in studies about
1. shortens the duration of the common cold high dose of 8 g on cold start.
2. Helps you get rid of tonsil stones
3. lowers risk of heart disease by about 30% when it may be additive rather than a normal diet.
4. Helps drugs transit blood-brain barrier.
5. Reduces the marker of inflammation – C-reactive protein by 24% after two months.
6. reduces the chance of cataract by 60% for women.
7. Reduces damage caused by smoking.
8. Reduces risk of heart disease.
9. lowers postprandial triglyceride accumulation of saturated fats.

And vitamin C belongs to a water soluble so well absorbed fluid environment. Beyond the natural and synthetic version, included with the standard version and inexpensive acid (ascorbic acid) and a version that is not acidic (Ester) better absorbed in the digestive tract and does not cause burning.
The recommended minimum dose for adults is 500 mg per day, although twice the dose considered safe, when of course it is a healthy adult.
Not aware of any damage is very high doses other than diarrhea and is considered a safe supplement for everything. It is interesting that in situations of illness, the body ‘agree’ to consume higher quantities than usual of vitamin C, when the same dose in healthy situations would cause digestive problems.

And vitamin E
This vitamin is considered just as vitamin C. One of his main abilities is to protect the heart and arteries or rather – prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (“bad”) and the accumulation of the arteries, neutralizes triglycerides (fats in the blood) cholesterol and increases the HDL (“good”) is responsible for cleaning the arteries, it lowers insulin levels and improves the changes caused by failure patients with congestive heart failure. Vitamin thins the blood and prevents heart attack and stroke – which helps especially for diabetics who are specially sensitive to the formation of blood clots, vitamin participates in the process-driven cancers, for example, prevent converting nitrite (ingredients found in most products, canned meats such as sausages) Lnitroseaminim considered carcinogens – provoking cancer .
However, it should be noted vitamin can help cancer patients actually after that occurred.
The vitamin are relieves menopausal symptoms by little effect on the secretion of estrogen and facilitates the feel of hot flashes. Vitamin is helping the pain resulting from arthritis (usually very high dose) and breathing problems related to lung function. In another study, the vitamin is associated with higher specific markers immune system health, especially for seniors.
Vitamin active in ensuring the nervous system in the body and can slow the progress of Parkinson’s disease and avoid getting worse.

Unlike vitamin C – which can be completed with relative ease your diet by eating daily of fruits and vegetables rich in it, and vitamin E is mainly found in vegetable oils as to reach the recommended amount required large consumption of oil (you can not use it for cooking and frying), which is a major challenge in digestive and very large calorific value. Therefore, the recommendation is to consume the vitamin through the plug.
And vitamin E belongs to a group of fat-soluble, so just plug well absorbed fatty environment – meaning that to take it with a little vegetable oil (usually found in capsule itself). There is a natural extension and a synthetic form of Formula dry and water-soluble, so absorbed, such as vitamin C, with water – very helping people with problems absorbing fats.
The recommended minimum dose for adults is 400UI double dose per day and is considered safe, although because the fat-soluble vitamin, is stored in the liver and therefore very high doses are not recommended recommended dose without medical supervision.
The natural version has a big advantage over synthetic version in its effect on the body. (You can check the components of the vitamin appears d-alpha by nature rather than dl-alpha synthetic) Another thing to note is Slwitmin has 4 forms of tocopherol marked: alpha, beta, gamma, delta – the majority of vitamin E on the market are alpha only – few have even The rest of the configurations, you should check it because the existing natural shape in nature is made up of several tocopherol and not just from alpha as there supplements.

Vitamin E is considered to be cooperating with vitamin C and both factors together the best result each time (probably due to the phenomenon of recycling it mentioned above) which is probably why studies, tend to test both. Studies have found that vitamin E and vitamin C:
A. Improve efficiency of insulin and diabetes damages facilities.
In a. Lower incidence of Alzheimer’s.
C. Reduce the risk of ovarian cancer.