Learning About Reincarnation

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The belief in the existence of a past life is heavily dependent on the belief of reincarnation. So, if you do not believe in reincarnation, it is quite difficult for you to understand and accept the concept of the existence of a past life. Fortunately, a good number of people in society do believe in the power of reincarnation. The cultural beliefs and traditions that have been passed down through generations. Different communities have their unique concepts of reincarnation and past lives. However, several views cut across the board for most cultures.

It is now time to dive straight into the different ways that a person can learn about their past lives. And yes! A person can get to know about their past lives. It, however, requires the use of different techniques; some more useful than others. It is important to highlight why people would be interested in their past lives. So, why would anyone be interested in their past life, when their soul is in an entirely different lifetime?

It is acceptable for people to experience challenging moments in life such as loss of a loved one, depression, trauma, relationship struggles, phobias, financial problems, drug addiction and much more. Sometimes, these challenging moments can persist for too long without any form of change or improvement. When a person finds themselves in such a situation, and they try a bunch of mainstream ways to get a solution without success, the only option left is to dig back into their past lives for a solution. In this instance, reading becomes necessary.

Past Life Regression

The practice of past lives regression is quite powerful.  It is a technique that involves a person going under hypnosis that is induced by a trained medical professional who can be a hypnotherapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist or counselor. It is rather imperative to note that not all psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, and counselors have certifications. And also, not all hypnotherapists are trained to carry out past life regression therapy. Most of these medical professionals are trained to regress memories and thoughts from as far back as childhood and not any further. However, some professionals, like the group at pastliferegressionqhht.com can do multiple sessions with a client.

The main benefit of past life regression is its ability to allow a person to experience instances of their past life as if they were back in time. In the hypnotic state, a person can re-live certain traumatic memories under the close supervision of a trained medical expert. The hypnosis provides a real-time experience that translates into vivid memories from your past life. However, past life regression does have its shortcomings as well. Some people are not usually comfortable to go into a hypnotic trance. Other people may respond slowly to the therapy meaning they require more sessions than usual.

Psychic Readings

Physics can also deliver past life readings. Physics are people in society who have special intuitive gifts and skills that allow them to dive into other realms and dimensions. While some people gain these unique set of competencies naturally, other people have to undergo years of learning and apprenticeship to perfect the physic art. All in all, psychics are very talented individuals who know how to make use of all their senses to hear, smell, feel, see and taste what other people cannot. Their heightened senses allow them to know the thoughts and memories of other individuals spontaneously. Their reach goes further than just the current lifetime as many people believe that psychics can reach into people’s thoughts and memories from past lives.

It is good to note that unlike the past life regression method, psychic readings are delivered by an individual who may be subject to bias while past life regression emphasizes on specialized procedures, ethical guidelines, and training of practitioners. A psychic does not have to undergo any formal training or certification to carry out their business. The person giving the reading is as important as the text itself. People should exercise due caution when dealing with psychics. The experience can be less authentic than the direct contact with the subconscious during the past lives regression practices.

Akashic Records

The Sanskrit word ‘Akasha’ means space or sky. The term is used in the world of past life reading to refer to a collection of mystical knowledge that is stored in a non-physical place of existence. Akashic records are therefore thought to be a collection of human experiences and even the entire history of the universe. These files are sometimes referred to as a library or as the ‘universal supercomputer’ and sometimes even the ‘mind of God.’

QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)

QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique involves a past life reading technique that involves guided hypnotherapy that aims at reaching into the subconscious. QHHT experts capitalize on the somnambulistic state which is the small gap between being awake and asleep. The person is in this calm state for up to two hours per session. The technique in most cases involves a QHHT practitioner asking a patient a series of questions that tap into the subconscious to perform the past life regression. Anyone looking for hypnosis therapy in Miami would want to try this particular technique. The technique was invented in that city by Dr. Brian Weiss.

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Guide to Akashic Life Path Readings

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6 Common Questions Answered

Modern life can be a beautiful thing. Unlike a century or so ago, most folks don’t have to work on a farm, dedicating their lives to basic manufacturing or agriculture, just making ends meet and eking out a minimalist lifestyle focused mostly on just basic needs.

Contemporary society and industrialized or even information economies allow for creative pursuits and a wide variety of possible careers and lifestyles. With all the morphing moralities and possibilities to choose from, the number of decisions a person faces can prove overwhelming. That leaves a lot of folks in need of some guidance about the true nature of life. The fact that lifespans are longer than ever before and still rising means that the number of decisions grows, as does the magnitude of the consequences regarding the years or even decades that someone might have to live with the results. We all want to know our life’s purpose.

The traditional and ancient religions offer solace to some, but they also predominantly focus on dogma and are sometimes more about what not to do than what to do. Fortunately, with travel and communications advances bringing the world closer together, many forms of spiritual, new age, or even alternative means of seeking guidance present themselves to those not previously familiar with them. In a society that is increasingly secular, many who are open to alternative forms of counseling and direction seeking to explore the many possibilities.

Akashic records life path readings are one such avenue that a small number of people choose to explore guidance from their past lives. If you are aware of this but not familiar with it and have questions about it, then you’re far from alone. Continue into the following paragraphs to learn six common questions about reincarnation, and their answers as a short introductory guide to Akashic records life path readings:

1) What are Akashic records exactly?

Simply put, Akashic records are an energetic record of a person’s soul, and its journey through the time and space of this universe. The records are presumed to originate in a realm of divine potential somewhere beyond space and time, and they flow into form through the many creative efforts of a person’s life. So, Akashic records aren’t a book from the afterlife, but rather a distinct flow of divinity and its knowledge that is translated into the precise moment. There are guides that maintain the Akashic records, and their obligation is to provide both knowledge and healing to those that seek them.

2) Is the information predetermined?

The information and knowledge within the Akashic records are not something that’s predetermined. Given their nature as potential energy, they typically point towards the highest of possibilities. A useful metaphor is to think of yourself as being on a train. The train might be rolling down a particular track, but you have some stations where you can get off, and you can even choose to get aboard a different train. From this point of view, your Akashic records are primarily about guiding you towards making choices and discovering your truth. It’s more about how you approach your overall life than forming what you think a perfect life should be.

3) Are there particular advantages to a person opening his or her Akashic records?

One reading alone is unlikely to do it, but over time, an individual can unlock the total potential of their Akashic record, which creates a creative resonance that allows you an inner space for self-growth in a responsible way. This safe space is a powerful tool for anyone wanting to explore their journey from divinity. Another advantage of reading Akashic records is that it’s like tuning your radio to the station you want to hear; the static disappears, and you receive the insight, wisdom, and intuition you need to advance your growth. You can form a direct relationship with your universal source of energy, letting you discover and heal blocks and fears that even the best psychiatrists might never identify, leading you to your highest path of possibility.

4) How long should a reading last?

In general, most practitioners host readings of about an hour. That gives the individual time to ask any questions that arise, receive their answers, and blocks that might come up. Some readings last an hour and a half or even more. In certain circumstances, or with those already attuned and returning for more readings, highly focused readings might happen in just half an hour.

5) If multiple readings are necessary, how often would a person need one?

Unless an individual is in the middle of an intense or urgent period of physical ailment or rapid life change, most practitioners recommend waiting roughly a month or 30 days between readings. Going too often can complicate the process of self-development.

6) What’s a good time to get a reading?

Most practitioners will only respond that a person’s heart will let them know when it’s time for a reading. Having said that, there are everyday situations or circumstances that pop up, such as when a person wants to clarify their purpose and potential, or when they want to discover more about their finances, relationships, health, and career. Likewise, a person ought to let go of beliefs, past pain, or even habits that are limiting them. Times of transition like death, divorce, and birthdays are also common instigators for readings. Readings can often happen for any enthusiastic individual over the age of 18.

If you find yourself in need of intuitive assistance or spiritual guidance in your life, there are many possibilities to explore, and this is just one of many. However, now that you have read this guide to Akashic records life path readings, six common questions, and their answers, you should have some idea if this one is right for you as well as how to handle the experience.

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Enjoy the Love and Compassion within a Reading

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The feeling of finding information from the source of ultimate knowledge is an experience that you will never forget.  Most people never understand that you are not your past, future or present. You are a multi-dimensional being – a soul that has no limitations. The physical body does not contain the soul.  It’s the other way around.  The soul contains the physical body, and the experiences of the soul from life to life are journaled.  These recordings are sacred and can be accessed for an incredible sense of knowledge and understanding.

As we go through the souls journey, we will see an incredible array of expressions. The Akashic records have it all.  They contain the full manifestation of existence.


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