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Why is so hard to be happy?

What would make you happy?

A bigger house? Luxury car? Ben – a couple more considerate? Maybe you’ll be happier if finally finish everything on your list?
None of these will make you unhappy by research psychologists.   Braces & Flower
Is money makes happiness? According to studies published from time to time, the richest countries are not necessarily the happiest. In general, gain better today than in the past, but people are not happier.
Positive psychology is the development and studies have shown that happiness can not be achieved through luck. The happiest people are those living in the present and future goals are targeted.

How can you be happier?

When developmental psychologists attend to universal way men are – a person perceive the world, they assume that this aspect of human nature should have an advantage at some point. Throughout evolutionary history, certain types passed from generation to generation that people with the same qualities were more likely to survive and give birth to a new generation. Other features are gone because no increased survival.
What is the relationship between natural selection and happiness? Benny – Adam inherited a remarkable ability to adapt to certain things. Adaptability value is important when encountering extreme situations or harmful situations. Over time, not paying attention to these unpleasant circumstances. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is also correct billing aspects of life – no matter what the pleasure arising from a new experience, whether it lasts a certain time, get used to it. What makes us happy at a certain moment will not make us happy the next.

In addition, we pay attention to the negative side more easily than the positive side. Developmentally, negative changes were more important for survival because they were probably signify danger. Our brains tuned to pay attention to problems. Therefore, we think positive experiences are natural and focus on the negative aspects of life.
Also, a little voice in our brain prevents us from being provided. He continually reminds us that our lives were much better had we only … if only we would do …

We are always looking for a better life. Why, then, some people happier than others? You would think that happy people are those obtained happier life. But it turns out that happiness depends more on personality than life circumstances. Events come and go, but the personality characteristics and behavior remain the same situation.

When it comes to happiness, every event can change the mode of thinking, to make us happy, at least for certain. However, we get used to things as they are and satisfaction returns to its starting position. This initial state – a fixed point of happiness – is it characterizes the personality. Why do some people have a higher idle mode? In other words – why are happier easily?

Psychologists have found common features for people with a higher level of happiness. People who claim they are extroverts happier, kinder, with greater security and are more dedicated. Also they think they control better their lives and suffer less anxiety and mood swings.
These features are also associated with happiness-related features for success and self-fulfillment. If so, can we achieve happiness through hard work or by the desire?

Life today is based on the hypothesis that we can achieve or buy happiness, which increases competition and consumption. However, since there is no connection between the wealth of happiness, one can doubt this hypothesis.

Think about it -  What is the relationship between success and happiness?

Tendency that in people – human to compare themselves to people who are more successful than them is called “upward comparison”. This comparison is the one that causes dissatisfaction. When we are aware that other people do far better of us, our satisfaction decreases. However, when we compare ourselves to people who get along as good as us, we are more doubtful. The problem is that we normally compare ourselves up.
Even if we are in direct competition with other people, we should not link the goals of happiness and fulfillment – people who focus on achievable goals all the time are less likely to be happy people live more in the present. Some people are looking obsessively to achieve the goals and objectives set by themselves and think that happiness depends on their success. Thus, they are often worried, anxious and stressed as long as they have not achieved the goals and think they will be happy in the future.

But what happens when they achieve the goals?

So habit takes over again and they are back like everyone to baseline of happiness. They pay attention to their happiness has not changed regularly, they conclude that he is even further above the target.
This approach is wrong. We think the possibilities for happiness higher future happiness of the present situation. This tendency is reinforced by the media and advertisements promising us always more satisfaction and happiness when we get something more. People who focus on achievable goals tend to always choose new targets, convinced that this time they found the true way that leads to happiness.

However – the people who succeed are happier. Is it possible that you should insist to succeed?
On 2005 research was conducted at the University of California Sbkd the relationship between happiness and success. The result was that happiness and good humor are important factors for success. The happiest people are not necessarily happier after success than before success, but they are happier than other people do worse.
Therefore, there is a relationship between success and happiness, but success is the result of good mood and not the cause. People happy there are other features that apparently sticks to success. In addition, a good mood is a source of motivation for more and more of the environment.

How do you get happiness when the base is not happy by nature?

It turns out that the happiest people are those who live fully optimal experience – total and interesting experiences that provide motivation to a specific person. This does not mean they are necessarily optimal experience unpleasant, but they are not too boring and not too frustrating – they are man enough to challenge them to devote all the attention.
If so, it is important to work on higher quality of life in the present in order to be successful in the future.

Sample Akashic reading


“She came here with the first souls that entered this plane with Archangel Michael when the working lines of communication were formed between the vast unknown of the void and the treasured word of God.

“We simply mean that there was nothing in this part of the galaxy, not even this solar system. You might consider this a scouting party and this soul along with others at the behest of Archangel Michael set up the very first planning council to decide how this system would be coordinated with the rest of the galaxy in this part of the universe.

“We would say to you that this is a test and you have not realized that this is a test. The test comprises several fronts. One is for you take your power back and realize that you have the right to be here in flesh and on this Earth as well as any other soul has the right to be here on this Earth.

“He was in the Sumerian/Babylonian periods and at each time recorded events in the sky that you would consider movement of planets and star systems. This information was used in the calculation of tables that today would be considered an ephemeris, or the tables that are used to cast astrology reports.

“There has been much celebrity surrounding this soul in the past, so there is a part of memory that retrieves this applause and it becomes even more difficult to accept that this lifetime is a lifetime to be used in a quieter introspective manner.

“So we say to you what you need is the integration of the Divine Feminine with your Divine Masculine. The edges of your strength need to be tempered with compassion and softness. Do the things that make you feel feminine such as using lace, feminine scents, what some say ‘girlie things’.

“When a soul comes into this incarnation, there are really three paths set out before them. There is a middle path, a low path and a high path. The soul usually sets out two of these goals before they come. Usually there is a middle path and that is the one that the soul is guided towards as the goal for accomplishment in this lifetime. They have the right to follow the higher path if they so choose.

“You have a heart that is full of compassion and we say to you it has served you well. Understand that in your great service to this planet, you have grown also. No one can help those along the way who have faltered and not have helped themselves.

“That is one of the terms of the great edict that was given to all souls when they were sent forth from the Creator. And of course the first great edict was to go and experience. You have done this. You have gained experience while answering the call of the Divine, and in that answering, you have not only completed your mission here, but you have grown in understanding.

“Love covers many paths and the path for the individual is narrowed down somewhat by the sounds that were emanating from the God force as the soul went through the pink ray. We cannot duplicate a sound here, but we can say that the intent of God and the sound of God as you went through the pink ray was giving you an urgency in the core of your soul to work in the fields of physical healing.

“You have had several lifetimes in the not too distant past where you were a soul of much public acclaim. You reveled in this and lost in those lifetimes. You might say in the parlance of the language of Earth, the experience turned your head. Now you came back with the directive from your higher mind to serve this time around. You have free will to choose to follow this contract that you made with your soul, and we find that you have not. So there is a part of you that feels discouraged.

“Now is the time to go to Source and dedicate yourself to the Creator of All. Open your heart to the love of your life as Source is the love of your life. You were created on the rays of love; you were conceived in love between the father and yourself. We do not speak here of an earthly father, but rather a heavenly father.

“She feels that this is a block and perhaps it could be seen as a block, but we would say that this is not a block, but a closing of the heart chakra.

“This is a past lifetime event or rather events that is surfacing to be cleared. This is happening to many people at this time. The results do not happen in the same manner though as the events from past lifetimes are not all the same. This is part of the process of advancing that people are calling ascension, though we see it somewhat differently, but nevertheless, this is a clearing that is necessary to complete if you are to move on to the next dimension.

“All events that would be considered negative, and fear is one of the greatest negative emotions, must be cleared on the dimension that they originated. So we say that this is not just a block preventing you to opening up psychically as you call it, but in addition to this it is a warning that you need to clear the emotional body.

“We have informed Miss Evers that a brown cover means that this soul was sent forth from the hands of God on a wave of love after God became aware of itself and questioned experience. These souls were sent on a mission to follow the intent of God and report back to God all the issues and experiences of love.

“This soul was sent forth on the pink ray of love and that is why she is not content today in her profession as she doesn’t feel satisfied as there is not enough of the love force expended in her day to day duties.

“This can be rectified if she were to participate in some activity that would satisfy her in a feeling of sharing love with others. The love force is a demanding force and must be expressed in some daily routine. It could be volunteering time to a hospital, shelter or even cooking meals for the homeless in one of their kitchens.

“We applaud your efforts with children and tell you that you hold a skill and ability to serve in this capacity, working with children. You have done this in the past and you understand the mind of the child. You were a leader in a great school and taught children and ran this school and were recognized as an authority in your day in the educating of children. You still hold that ability and will always hold this as you earned the right to express this ability and therefore have authority with children. This time you do not serve in that capacity, but the soul memory is there. This is another strength that you can connect with. See yourself as the teacher that you are and call upon your higher mind, or I Am presence to allow you to tap into that ability and express it in your daily life.

“There is a law in the spiritual world that if one views another in contempt because of a skill that has not been ingrained in that soul, they are held back in their own progress.

“First of all we wish to tell you from our own experience that there is a love tie between people who shared lifetimes together and especially with the Mother who brought the child into the life stream through her body. There is an electronic resonance between the two and this will always be recognized no matter where the individuals move towards their path of perfection.

“Nothing but perfection can move on to the next world and so these pains and what we call trauma stay on this level and must by design be picked up again in the next lifetime and they fill the blood stream again as a seed that opens and enters the DNA when the child is young.

“There is a part of you that needs to be healed and this part some call the inner child. Think on this and offer support and love to the child within and know that love and honor follow you. Extend that love and honor inside to yourself.

“Enlightenment is the remembrance of the God force while in the third dimensional world. We do not see enough time left in this life stream for you to reconnect with the memory of All-There-Is, though we do see you advancing with the group that will move to the higher dimensions and you will advance with your physical as you have already attained the ability and right to do this.”

How to be Happy?

One of the issues often talk about humanity throughout history is what happiness is – and how to be happy in your life?

What if I tell you that not all people appreciate and want happiness and joy? Probably now you raise one eyebrow (or two) and ask yourself: “Is it?”.

Some people do not want to be happy – but want to feel a sense of certainty and safe.    a_1428985_61187342

This is the reason that some will happily do something that would hurt regular basis because they are afraid that they will fail to preserve the happiness over time – and people are hurting even the values ​​that are important to them just to meet the basic needs of their human.
For some people – “If you are happy – then you are not meaningful in life” because you do not meet the complexity of life.
These kind of people do not want to be excited and happy. They prefer to fill the basic need of human being meaningful and important to understand the complexity of life that makes them feel that way.

Happiness and joy – are values ​​and uncertainty – is needed.

People are hurting their values ​​- to meet their basic needs.
Let me do a short exercise: Take a pen and paper and you follow the instructions:
Think about the area of ​​your life you are happy about. Maybe happiness is a word too much for you then think about the area you want and provided him life and write it at the top.
The second step is you answer the question: Why are you happy and field / subject as it is in your life? And write the reasons why you are happy with it.

Now think about this area of ​​your life you are not happy with your life and write it on the page. Followed – Get on writing the reasons why you are not satisfied with the realm / person / subject of this life.

Did you know that there is a formula for happiness?

The formula for happiness is a situation where our living conditions are the same beliefs that we have about how it’s supposed to be, and the rules and regulations of the way we see things.
In other words ~ when there is a discrepancy between our living conditions and beliefs and perception we have about “how it should be” – then experience a state of great joy or happiness. On the other hand, in a situation where our living conditions are not equal (identical) to how we think life should be – then we experience pain, which is an integral part of our lives.
But what if you change your living conditions? Be happy, is not it?

The question is – how to do it – here’s the formula suffering – when we suffer -
Some people say: “I never suffered / a.’m Strong / e, there is suffering in my life.
Happened to you once you felt that this day will never stop? Happened to you once you’ve experienced pain that is beyond what you can bear? It’s part of life for all of us, it’s part of our growth and development. This happens most often in cases of anger or frustration from some point in life you that you do not know how to solve.
So where does this suffering comes?

Suffering takes place in a situation where your living conditions are equal, the same beliefs and your principles there is something else involved: If in addition you believe that you have no control to change it, you believe you are helpless. That external force certain – the government, God, husband or wife, brothers or sisters of your work or your boss – something or someone that you can not control it – so you can not improve the situation and make it better, you can not turn your life life would like them. This belief, by the way, is an illusion. And you’re probably saying to yourself right now: “Yes, yes Tamara, how you say that? Mean positive thinking and optimism?”.

And I tell you – Absolutely not.

It is known that we can not control all the events in our lives but we can control what we say about what happened, the meaning we give to the situation.
And so you can do it, you need to understand the situation of pain or if you experience increased pain suffered it ~ you only have three options:
Option one – blame something – that the way to stop our pain or our suffering is to say: “Here is the reason for my pain and my suffering and it is not …… what – my fault.’s Not my fault. The first thing we tend to do is to blame Events. “you know … something happened when we were kids, or last week or last month …” something that is not you, which is the source and the reason for this problem. greatest thing in events is that they do not interfere Tale “and make you your guilty or wrong. occasions no sound. then it is easy to blame events in our lives., and once we accuse events – it makes us feel equal or feel that something is wrong with us that we’re headed again our focus – and then put the focus on something else that gets us the feeling short-term deterioration.

The second option – what people do is blame other people: “It’s because my parents being so bad when I was 10,” and so forth. Third option – is, of course, people blame themselves: “It’s my fault, I’m lazy / home” or “I do not care “or” I’m a bad person “or” story “other humans invent. problem with the allegation is that a black hole. you will never change your life as you experience, on STATE of the blame. however, be responsible – it is quite different from being guilty.

Then there are other two options, I believe they are real possibilities that will change your life:
If your living conditions are not the same beliefs and the way you believe they should be then two options available are -

Change the terms of your life or change your expectations.

It sounds reasonable -

I can say so myself, until the age of 28, I lived in complete denial: I lived like most people live their lives: I survived. Being with a past “heavy” events are not simple, they left a mark on my life: I went through a difficult childhood filled with violence and emotional abuse, I graduated, got married and suffered from abuse and violence towards me again, I got divorced, I graduated cum laude with a BA in education and more. Always testified at myself “like a cat – landing on all fours., I am strong and survives”, only that it was a bunch of nonsense. Interior emo life of a victim, a man accuses his life story terrible especially my mother ruined my life and so forth. Above all emo life survival wearing every step I blame myself and go frightened “the drops” of life. Was 28 I decided to go training. soon found myself let go and release all the anger, frustration and guilt I had about all the events, the people and for myself and bring this place – responsibility.

I made a long journey of personal development, where I say goodbye to pain and suffering – and bring into life the joy of my natural life and a lot of moments of happiness