What is Akashic Reading?

Akasha is a Heavenly place where according to the legend, all  your experiences from all the experiences, adventures and precious moments from all your lifetime, from all
the soul you were (We believe that our soul moves between different people in different times).
Akashic records are stories about your soul, what she has discovered moving through the life time. All the joyful and painful adventures and most of all  - information in the past
that can help you in the future. Answers to any question in life, tools to overcome any disease. How to for any question.

So Akashian reading, is reading about whatever can help you in your lifetime. Whatever can make your life easier, can make you a better life. Its simple as that. Akashic reading can be

For example:

  • Health advice that can help overcome health difficulties and disease
  • Romance advice on how to get the best love for your life
  • Guide like how to make money, how to become rich (YES! This makes your life better)
  • other guides such as: How to be the best husband/love

Yes! There is a wide range of articles which were included in the term “Akashic reading” and we will present a collection of the best ones!

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