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Aksahic Reading: Chinese Approach to a healthy life

According to the Chinese tradition Spring is a time of renewal, germination and growth. This is a powerful time where things rise up, go out and revealed out of the ground. So Passover as of that date, reflects a new era in the life of the Chinese people.

According to Chinese medicine, this time is associated with the element / element called element tree. This is essentially the basis of which describes the power of hacking and growth with regeneration and flowering capacity. Featuring many basic movements that occur in nature during this period.

One of the organs according to Chinese medicine linked to this element is the liver organ. Organ in Western medicine it is considered as one of the most important organs in the factory and their production of many components, is also related to blood cleansing and renewal. Functioning expresses an interesting connection between the basic regenerative capacity of the tree, western liver organ.

This spring is a great time to use and utilization of the reserves and the ideas that have been stored in the winter is a good time to start fresh and anew change. This period is of great importance to physical activity (movement energy that drives the liver), stay in the wild and eating food donor liver cleansing and renewal powers. When the human body is balanced with the surroundings, this period will usually uninterrupted.

However, a misunderstanding of the necessary changes this season, sticking to diets rich, warming and heavy with the lack of movement of the winter will make the difference between the nature of change taking place inside of the human condition. This can create an imbalance in the human liver and energy experience symptoms usually involve tissues that are of contact movement, cleansing, renewal and growth. Therefore, commonly seen in the spring of various allergic symptoms involve mucous membranes with small hairs that are characterized by much movement, skin rashes as a result of rapid increases skin cell or a rapid immune response, long tears and itching eyes (the eyes of Chinese medicine are based on the external expression of the liver) , respiratory symptoms also associated with movement and sometimes tempers.

Therefore, it is advisable and recommended to help the body make the most of this season and take advantage of growth and renewal energy inherent in it. One way is adjusting the spring weather diet:

Predominant color will be green food, food will be cooked easily and less time as we move towards the summer.

Herein does not constitute a recommendation to any medical advice or a substitute for appropriate medical. Although it can have a great effect of relieving pain, exactly as hydrocodne or oxycodone have.

The main foods will sprouts (which is rich in nutrients and cleaning), split peas, fire (small green Catania), bean pods, Gboliim vegetables, shitake mushrooms and knowledgeable among you in Tampa and seaweed and construction. Favorite cereal and cereal will be full, rye, oatmeal and wheat / spelled germinated. This diet keep the body and soul in a healthy state and prevents all kind of skin disease, and especially the appearance of pimples and other skin issues. It has an amazing healing power, it can also cure hair loss, as stated in the article.

This season’s wild plants in China bring a green tint to the fields. The use of wild plants bring success home cooking and the best quality organic wild there. The use of these plants is in line with the Chinese diet – are precisely the same time, and help the body deal with these common conditions in the spring (heavy energy blockage, allergies, blockages of mucus, etc.).

Plants are available and known to the nettle, these dishes can be added to cereals, vegetables and soups.

Pearl barley stew with quinoa

This recipe is based on spring barley which are suitable because Blueberries and the healing effect that they produce in the gastrointestinal tract. With sensitive digestion should be careful because eating grits may create bloating.

Cup pearl barley (gray oval)
Cup quinoa
2.5 cups of water
Onion, chopped
Match cut vegetables: carrots, celery root, parsley root, celery stalk, green beans or any other hard vegetable.
Hig’yaki handful of seaweed (soaked in water)
Salt, cumin
Fresh ginger
Teaspoon of cold-pressed olive oil.
Green leafy vegetables – dill, cilantro, parsley, basil.

Burn the onion in a pot with dry salt.
Add the oil, ginger, cumin and acceleration and mix for about a minute.
Add the vegetables, and soak them the spice flavors.
Add the barley and quinoa with water, bring to a boil and continue to cook with the lid on the back burner to absorb liquids and softening of barley.
Mix into the dish the green leaves and serve.
You can add a little fresh lemon juice.

Why is so hard to be happy?

What would make you happy?

A bigger house? Luxury car? Ben – a couple more considerate? Maybe you’ll be happier if finally finish everything on your list?
None of these will make you unhappy by research psychologists.   Braces & Flower
Is money makes happiness? According to studies published from time to time, the richest countries are not necessarily the happiest. In general, gain better today than in the past, but people are not happier.
Positive psychology is the development and studies have shown that happiness can not be achieved through luck. The happiest people are those living in the present and future goals are targeted.

How can you be happier?

When developmental psychologists attend to universal way men are – a person perceive the world, they assume that this aspect of human nature should have an advantage at some point. Throughout evolutionary history, certain types passed from generation to generation that people with the same qualities were more likely to survive and give birth to a new generation. Other features are gone because no increased survival.
What is the relationship between natural selection and happiness? Benny – Adam inherited a remarkable ability to adapt to certain things. Adaptability value is important when encountering extreme situations or harmful situations. Over time, not paying attention to these unpleasant circumstances. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is also correct billing aspects of life – no matter what the pleasure arising from a new experience, whether it lasts a certain time, get used to it. What makes us happy at a certain moment will not make us happy the next.

In addition, we pay attention to the negative side more easily than the positive side. Developmentally, negative changes were more important for survival because they were probably signify danger. Our brains tuned to pay attention to problems. Therefore, we think positive experiences are natural and focus on the negative aspects of life.
Also, a little voice in our brain prevents us from being provided. He continually reminds us that our lives were much better had we only … if only we would do …

We are always looking for a better life. Why, then, some people happier than others? You would think that happy people are those obtained happier life. But it turns out that happiness depends more on personality than life circumstances. Events come and go, but the personality characteristics and behavior remain the same situation.

When it comes to happiness, every event can change the mode of thinking, to make us happy, at least for certain. However, we get used to things as they are and satisfaction returns to its starting position. This initial state – a fixed point of happiness – is it characterizes the personality. Why do some people have a higher idle mode? In other words – why are happier easily?

Psychologists have found common features for people with a higher level of happiness. People who claim they are extroverts happier, kinder, with greater security and are more dedicated. Also they think they control better their lives and suffer less anxiety and mood swings.
These features are also associated with happiness-related features for success and self-fulfillment. If so, can we achieve happiness through hard work or by the desire?

Life today is based on the hypothesis that we can achieve or buy happiness, which increases competition and consumption. However, since there is no connection between the wealth of happiness, one can doubt this hypothesis.

Think about it -  What is the relationship between success and happiness?

Tendency that in people – human to compare themselves to people who are more successful than them is called “upward comparison”. This comparison is the one that causes dissatisfaction. When we are aware that other people do far better of us, our satisfaction decreases. However, when we compare ourselves to people who get along as good as us, we are more doubtful. The problem is that we normally compare ourselves up.
Even if we are in direct competition with other people, we should not link the goals of happiness and fulfillment – people who focus on achievable goals all the time are less likely to be happy people live more in the present. Some people are looking obsessively to achieve the goals and objectives set by themselves and think that happiness depends on their success. Thus, they are often worried, anxious and stressed as long as they have not achieved the goals and think they will be happy in the future.

But what happens when they achieve the goals?

So habit takes over again and they are back like everyone to baseline of happiness. They pay attention to their happiness has not changed regularly, they conclude that he is even further above the target.
This approach is wrong. We think the possibilities for happiness higher future happiness of the present situation. This tendency is reinforced by the media and advertisements promising us always more satisfaction and happiness when we get something more. People who focus on achievable goals tend to always choose new targets, convinced that this time they found the true way that leads to happiness.

However – the people who succeed are happier. Is it possible that you should insist to succeed?
On 2005 research was conducted at the University of California Sbkd the relationship between happiness and success. The result was that happiness and good humor are important factors for success. The happiest people are not necessarily happier after success than before success, but they are happier than other people do worse.
Therefore, there is a relationship between success and happiness, but success is the result of good mood and not the cause. People happy there are other features that apparently sticks to success. In addition, a good mood is a source of motivation for more and more of the environment.

How do you get happiness when the base is not happy by nature?

It turns out that the happiest people are those who live fully optimal experience – total and interesting experiences that provide motivation to a specific person. This does not mean they are necessarily optimal experience unpleasant, but they are not too boring and not too frustrating – they are man enough to challenge them to devote all the attention.
If so, it is important to work on higher quality of life in the present in order to be successful in the future.